wonderful start at this year's P-mec India

The first day of the show has already been a great success with numerous potential new customers. We were further able to establish new connections well across the Indian boarder and look forward to an interesting progress during the show!



Evaluating powder characterisation techniques to optimise a dry granulation process

An experimental study was done to determine the correlations between the dynamic, shear and bulk properties of granules and the roller compaction process variables applied to make them.

Dry granulation by roller compaction is a routinely applied continuous process to convert fine, difficult to handle powders into uniform granular products that flow freely and perform efficiently in subsequent manufacturing steps.

The advantages of roller compaction include relatively modest capital investment, low running and maintenance costs, and high energy efficiency. Particularly suitable for moisture- or heat-sensitive materials and those that require ultra-high containment, dry granulation is an important step in the production of many pharmaceuticals, foods and chemicals[...].

Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering (Jona, Switzerland) is a market leader in the design and supply of premium roller compaction equipment. In this article, results from a collaborative study between Gerteis and Freeman Technology are presented, to identify powder properties that characterise dry granulates in a commercially relevant way and support the optimisation of roller compaction processes. The study assessed the potential of dynamic, shear and bulk powder properties within this context.



Interphex Japan 2017

Interphex Tokyo 2017

Gerteis had a very successful exhibition with new contacts and projects. The superior roller compaction technology was demonstrated with our Macro-Pactor® production machine. This machine enables seamless scale up from low amounts of 100g to production level up to 400kg/h.

Containment roller compactors for production and development have been of high interest during the exhibition. The precise control system of the Gerteis Macro-Pactor® was demonstrated to all visitors during the last three exhibition days. The unique ribbon quality of the Gerteis line sets the mark for the best product quality possible. This machine have been used by the pharmaceutical market leader around the globe.


High Containment at PCI Pharma Services

High Containment at PCI Pharma Services

PCI Pharma Services uses the Gerteis Mini-Pactor® for their OEB5 facility in the UK. The unit supplies unique CRO/CMO capabilities under full containment. The roller compactor can be used for product development activities from 10g upwards to 100gh/h. Customers at PCI experience the superior roller compactor technology in order to gain the best granules properties possible. Small to large volumes are possible. The scale up to production roller compactors is seamless due to the Gerteis technology.

PCI established a state of the art containment facility 3-24 Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate; Tredegar, NP22 3AA, UK.



Interpack 2017 Summary

We would like to say thank for a very successful exhibition. The Gerteis roller compaction technology was demonstrated in detail and we had many exciting project conversation.

We would like to invite you to visit our website more often for the latest news about roller compactors or visit us in Switzerland for trials or seminars.


Successful start at the Interpack 2017

Successful start at the Interpack 2017 We enjoy very good response for our latest roller compaction technology at the Interpack. The new production roller compactor with containment and WIP cleaning functionality gained the most attention as companies require more capacities in oncology and hormone production. We are looking forward to more interesting discussion and exiting projects during the next days.


Interpack 2017

We are taking part in the Interpack trade fair in Duesseldorf for the third time to present our most recent innovations in roller compaction. We will display the following machines.

PACTOR® Line of Products
The PACTOR®-technology developed by GERTEIS® facilitates the processing of sensitive and problematic pharmaceutical formulations. One of its most noteworthy qualities is the process orientated machine design, which results in minimal temperature being applied onto the product and the possibility to process formulations with a density below 0.1 g/ml. The combination of an adjustable press roller design, roller gap control and the arrangement of the feeding system is unique on the market and permits consistent and reproducible process parameters. The streamlined machine concept allows for easy scale-up and site transfer. Ultimately, the Pactor® dry granulation system offers you the highest flexibility available on the market.

Macro-Pactor® Type C
The Macro-Pactor® is a production machine with a capacity of up to 400kg/h and a minimum quantity of 500 g for laboratory trials. Due to its contained machine design, the displayed Macro-Pactor makes it possible to keep OEL values down to 1 µg/m3.

The Mini-Pactor® is ideal for R&D and small-scale production since it can process a minimum quantity of 10g in trials but allows for a scale-up of up to 100kg/h.

The POLYGRAN® is a versatile roller compactor with a production capacity of up to 300 kg/h. We will exhibit the latest model with its improved process design and control system.
The Mini-Pactor® will be available for demonstrations as we process placebo on request. Our technical experts will at your disposal for consultation on roller compaction and dry granulation processes and will be on site to answer questions. Dry granulation is the process of the future and a marked trend towards this technology can be observed in the recent years. We at Gerteis are the experts in our field having provided our machines exclusively to the pharmaceutical industry for 30 years. Our machines are specialized in order to match pharmaceutical company’s highest expectations.

See you at the show.


New Customers - Juniper Pharma Services

We are very proud to be able to support Juniper Pharma Services and to help them with key investments for their impressive facility.

The Gerteis Mini-Pactor® was installed and validated a few months ago. The unit provides research and production capabilities from 10g per trial up to 100 KG/H under contained conditions. WIP cleaning will add to the OEL capabilities.

We continue to see CDMOs investing in Gerteis dry granulation technology, the most advanced roller compactor on the market.

The key driver to investing in Gerteis roller compactors is the ability to dry granulate even the most challenging of incoming materials, allowing very fast development times and significantly lower manufacturing costs.

Due to this addition Juniper will extend their ability to offer their clients a world-class drug development service that uses a range of technologies and equipment of the highest specification.



Interphex 2017

For the eleventh time in a row, we were able to be at the Interphex in New York. We had an excellent opportunity to showcase our Mini-Pactor®, as well our Mini-Polygran® Plus machine, which are ideal for R&D.
ChargePoint was also represented in our booth to show their patented split butterfly valves and containers.
We are grateful for the many guests who stopped at our stall and the countless inspiring conversations we had with experts and are looking forward to many more occasions such as this.




Gerteis® – 30 Years of Dedication to Quality

We, the Gerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG are proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary of providing the pharmaceutical community with high-quality roller compactors. Based in Jona, Switzerland, the company was founded in 1986 by Paul Gerteis and has since become the market-leader in roller compaction and dry granulation units. The success can be ascribed to a variety of reasons, not least of which are the values at the core of the company; the reliability, sustainability and quality of its machines are the foundation of the company's good reputation. Partnered with a dedication to service and customer satisfaction, Gerteis® is committed to maintaining the level of excellence it has cultivated so far.

Choosing a Gerteis® roller compactor is a long-term investment with some machines having been in use for more than two decades. This longevity is coupled with a high sustainability since the dry granulation process is a very energy-efficient and fast method to achieve a homogeneous granulate.

While technological innovation and growth of the company are an essential part of our strategy for the next years, we are also focused on optimising our existing systems and accommodating the individual needs of our clients.

We cordially thank our customers for their trust in us.



P-Mec India 2016

We are delighted to report another successful three days at the P-Mec
The rising numbers of visitors on our booth confirm that we are on the right track to provide the Indian market with the best dry granulation technology.
We look forward to the next show.



Sales Seminar

We conducted another successful sales seminar in September. We were delighted to be able to bring everyone up to speed regarding the latest developments in our roller compactors.
Our thank goes out to the numerous guests for their active participation and we are looking forward to the next event!


Sales Seminar II

The social event during the seminar included a boat ride on the wonderful Lake Zurich.
We could enjoy some relaxing hours with a perfect sunset.



Powtech 2016

We are happy to have had three excellent days at the Powtech in Nuremberg, Germany
To our great delight, our booth has been well frequented by seasoned visitors as well as many new contacts.
We presented our cutting edge R&D MINI-PACTOR® dry granulation system. Equipped with the latest software, it is a giant leap forward in usability and process stability.

We look forward to welcome many of the visitors at our site for the upcoming Seminar!



Open house at Grupo Rasch - Mexico

Our first open house event in Mexico City, held at the site of Grupo Rasch, gained a lot of attention and interest in Gerteis’ technology.
The focus of the presentations were the introduction of the dry granulation technology and its merits, as well as demonstrating our machine.

We would like to thank all attendees for a successful event as well as our partner Grupo Rasch for its great organization, smooth execution and cordial hospitality.





Interphex 2018

April 17 - 19 2018
Javits Center, New York, USA
Booth# 1952


Achema 2018

June 11 - 15
Messe Frankfurt, Germany
Hall 3.0, Booth D25

Interphex Japan 2018

June 27 - 29
Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo
Exhibitor: Estec


Pharmtech Russia

November 20 - 23 2018
Crocus Expo IEC, Pavillion 2
Moscow, Russia



December 04 - 06 2018
Mumbai India Venue 1
Bombay Exhibition Centre
Hall 5, Booth N2